Drawing and Painting with a Dancer

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Hello New Year, nice to see you 2015, a joy to look forward to all new inspirations this year will bring us!

I like to share with you the joy of painting/drawing on music with a dancer!

Imagine a nice French petit village with a roomy historic building, nicely restored and with a lot of light. It used to be a market hall. The place is called “Châteauneuf Val de Bargis”, situated in Burgundy.

Ok, picture a ballet dancer (male/female) and about 8 or 10 people around him/her with all kind of painting materials on their tables. And then the music starts, and the dancer starts to move. The people now start to draw/paint.

You have to be quick to catch these movements, the body shapes, the feeling it will give you.

I start a session with the background color, with a sponge. After preparing various sheets, I put this on the ground to let it dry.
When the dancer begins to move I pick up each sheet and paint with a feather a sponge or ink.

It is hard work, no time to think about how to put this on paper, but relaxing at the same time. 1 hour is quickly gone, so after a coffee break we continue for another hour. Wow feelings, lots of energy, joy and also a combat with the movements! Inspiring is also the fact to paint with more people together in the same room. Although it is a personal thing, you take a look afterwards what everybody has created in this session. Amazing and so different at the same time.

These sessions are one Saturday per month. I’m going again the 17th of January from 10am till noon. I’ll let myself be inspired by a dancer and his or her choice of music. Yes, a good start of this brand new year!

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