Boho Chique Jewelry

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Boho chique Jewelry. Handmade jewelry in Mixed media with vintage French lace, embroidery, pearls, buttons and textiles. Technic used: slows stitching and Sashiko embroidery. At first I used vintage items in my paintings and monotype prints. And due to my pop-up store, “Art en Loire”, the idea came to me to make little bags, and slowly I discovered I like to make lamps, cushions, dreamcathers and…..pendants. I started to collect pearls and vintage ornaments I could use in my jewelry. … Read More

Original Handmade Bags

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Recently I found a way to combine my artwork with a utensil, the results are my original handmade bags made with French vintage lace, textile. Mixed media with screen prints, tranfers, embrodery, beads and buttons. France has an old culture, and is rich in hometextiles like tablecloth, lace, kitchentowels, bedlinen, but also buttons and beads. I live and work as an artist in Burgundy and I am so happy to find all those items at the Brocantes here. First I used these … Read More

Lace, paint and paper

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I am so happy with my stack of handmade Lokta paper from the Himalaya, nice to print on, see my monotype prints in an earlier blog, and also lovely to paint on with oil paint! The oil paint I use is a water based paint from the brand Cobra-Royal -Talens. Love the structure of the paper and the richness of this paint. I have a weakness for textile as well, for a longer period of time, I tried to find … Read More

Winter – Blue Monday

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Snow is falling on this Blue Monday here in La Charité sur Loire, however it won’t last. Some crane birds are staying in Burgundy and the weather forecast is good. But Blue Monday or Winter, or whatever, my studio is nice and warm, the music is on and I have good light to work on my new project: Monotype prints combined with drawing and textile/lace. My goal is to find a way to combine the two with each other. Now … Read More

Monotype in 3 print versions

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Normally a monotype print is as the word says, a single print. But by using a Monotype and an object, you can create 3 different prints. You print a positive one, a negative version, and one final of the object itself. How? Take a plexiglass or thick plastic sheet and roll printing ink on it with a small roller, not too thick, and not too thin either. Put an object (leaf, flower, net etc.) on the ink, cover it with a piece of … Read More

Open doors in my new Studio

Last Wednesday the doors of my new studio in La Charité sur Loire where open for a free entry. It was for the public to see my studio and paintings and to meet me for I am the new kid on the block here…! It was a great day with enthusiastic visitors who could try some painting techniques themselves. A journalist wants an interview for a full page on the local paper. Three subcribers for next Wednesday afternoon workshop. And a meeting … Read More

My move to La Charité sur Loire

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A sunny Sunday in the fall with colors in the trees and the crane-birds passing. All this near my new studio in the historic place called La Charité sur Loire in Burgundy. This small town is full of history and the region is wonderful. It’s near the famous vineyards of Sancerre and Pouilly. On the bank of this lovely river “Loire” we found a nice house with a studio. I moved all my painting stuff to start my workshops here. Below … Read More

Monotype Printing and Print Transfer

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Print Transfer For my upcoming workshop ‘Monotype Printing’ I like to add this very nice technique, so called ‘Print Transfer’. I’ve made a few samples on watercolor paper (300 gr.), as you can see here. You need gesso and a print/picture you want to transfer, best is to print this with your laser printer. Put a thick layer of gesso on your paper, smooth it out and put your print with the good side into the gesso and press with … Read More

Drawing and Painting with a Dancer

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Hello New Year, nice to see you 2015, a joy to look forward to all new inspirations this year will bring us! I like to share with you the joy of painting/drawing on music with a dancer! Imagine a nice French petit village with a roomy historic building, nicely restored and with a lot of light. It used to be a market hall. The place is called “Châteauneuf Val de Bargis”, situated in Burgundy. Ok, picture a ballet dancer (male/female) … Read More

Plein Air Painting

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  To be outside for painting in nature or in a nice little town is enjoying life at the fullest for me. A day of plein air painting feels like I’ve been a week-end on holiday.  I am a good weather painter to be honest, so no rain or snow for me! When I pack my gear, prepare my canvas, take something to eat and drink, I get exited already. On the spot where I want to paint, I walk … Read More

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