Monotype Printing and Print Transfer

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Print Transfer

Transfer5For my upcoming workshop ‘Monotype Printing’ I like to add this very nice technique, so called ‘Print Transfer’. I’ve made a few samples on watercolor paper (300 gr.), as you can see here. You need gesso and a print/picture you want to transfer, best is to print this with your laser printer. Put a thick layer of gesso on your paper, smooth it out and put your print with the good side into the gesso and press with by hand or roller. Let it dry for some time or use a blow dryer for quick drying.

When the paper is dry, spray a little water on the print or make it wet with a sponge, then rub the paper gently off with your fingers, and you will see the print in the gesso on your paper. Tear the print for more structure on the edges if you like. Or on my samples here I’ve cut it nicely for I wanted to add some other techniques too on these transfers later on. When the gesso is still wet, you can also draw in it as I did to make some nice decorations. I used also color pencil and ink.

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