Lace, paint and paper

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I am so happy with my stack of handmade Lokta paper from the Himalaya, nice to print on, see my monotype prints in an earlier blog, and also lovely to paint on with oil paint! The oil paint I use is a water based paint from the brand Cobra-Royal -Talens. Love the structure of the paper and the richness of this paint. I have a weakness for textile as well, for a longer period of time, I tried to find a combination of handmade paper, paint, print and textile. Now I think I found it! By using Lace in my Monotype prints, and printing on textile with lace, I discovered that I can actually stitch the lace on the Lokta paper by hand and start painting. So inspiring and as it happen to be, I live next door a Brocante, they have a room full of nice old textile and lace. This will occupy me for a while.. ….to be continued….

Oil- Lace on handmade Lokta paper 85x53cm - 1


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