The creation of Lokta Paper

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Lokta paper is handmade and comes from the Himalayas in Nepal. It is made traditionally by Nepalese families near a river from the Lokta plant or Papyraceas. This plant grows in the mountains at an altitude between 1800 and 2500 meters. It is cooked on a wood stove to get the smooth material to make paper. This material is beaten till pulp and this will go on frames with cotton. It is sun dried and each paper sheet is different, … Read More

Working on my new Website

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Hello, I am working on my new website. Very soon you will see pictures of my latest work. Paintings and cards in Mixed Media and Monotype. Inspired by symbols, ancient decorations and wallpaper, even pictures from the French brocantes. I specially love the so called ‘Lokta’ paper, handmade paper from the Himalayas. I work also on industrial carton and on canvas. So, will be continued, I will keep you posted.

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